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Lyon Landscape Nursery Can Make Your Home Stand Out Among The Rest!

When it comes to landscaping, we have the expert knowledge and attention to detail to give you a custom one-of-a-kind creation. Lyon Landscape Nursery has been creating beautiful landscape designs and creations throughout Mendon for many years, giving homeowners and business owners the landscaping they have always wanted. Our team has the expertise in every area of design and construction, and we own and operate every piece of equipment that's necessary to complete your landscaping project.

For more involved plans that require a Landscape Architect's stamp and detailed submittals, fees will be negotiated in the initial consult. The proposal is written in the order of construction and will refer back to plan so that there is no confusion about materials and execution. This method of bidding accounts for the job from start to finish with no expenditures for the customer. All change orders will be agreed upon prior to execution.

Outdoor Kitchens & Masonry Services in Mendon

Lyon Landscape Nursery is your professional partner for all things relating to hardscaping, outdoor construction (including kitchens & lighting) or general contractor services. We can provide you with services for brick paving, decorative concrete, natural stone, real brick, and much more! Our team is with you every step of the way - from design all the way to installation.

There are few things that can add as much enjoyment to your outdoor environment as a beautiful, functional, and well-constructed patio. Our patio design and construction expert can help you achieve a comfortable outdoor living space that not only adds value to your property, but can act as a great gathering space for your friends and family. Whether you want a brick patio, a decorative concrete design, or anything in between, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. is Norfolk County's leading choice for improving your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting Services On The Next Level!

When we design or install a job for you, we make sure it's properly designed and created to help accent your property - taking it from boring to beautiful. Every job is unique and customized to fit your specific needs, and we always try to not only meet your expectations - but exceed them.

Take Your Property from Boring to Beautiful with Functional Walls & Steps

Properly designed stone walls, steps and piers can transform your property from boring to beautiful. A custom engraved plaque can personalize an entry or provide elegance to a gateway.

Key elements to building beautiful, lasting landscape masonry are:

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Prevents settling that can cause cracks in brick steps or mortar joints and cause stone walls to collapse.

Mendon MA Outdoor Lighting | Lyon Landscape Nursery - arrow1Re-Bar

Use of a steel re-bar structure provides integrity to piers and walls and helps maintain straight lines and angles.

Mendon MA Outdoor Lighting | Lyon Landscape Nursery - arrow1Mortar

Precise mortar joints not only add to aesthetic appeal but also provide structural integrity. Use of "chinks" is kept to a minimum and all joints are recessed.

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Outdoor lights added to a wall or pier add a unique effect to your property during the evening. Lighting is planned for during the construction so no wiring is visible.

Entertain In Style And Class with a Modern Kitchen

Kitchens often become the focal point of a home, as it is a logical gathering space when entertaining friends and family. But not all homes can accommodate a functional kitchen, while also leaving space for entertaining. By adding an outdoor kitchen into your landscape, whether it's added to your existing patio, or designed as part of a new patio project, you can take full advantage of your property and make your home the go-to space for family, friends, and neighbors to gather and enjoy each other's company, as well as the outdoors. Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. has years of experience designing and building modern and stylish outdoor kitchens that are sure to wow your guests!

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