Discerning customers in the market for new landscape design/ landscape architecture projects realize that the best way to improve the functionality, size and beauty of your home, is to add a professionally designed outdoor living space by a certified landscape designer or landscape architect. Your custom designed patio can reflect your tastes by utilizing a […]

Landscape Design

Landscape Architecture/ Landscape Design have grown considerably over the last 15 years. The reason for this growth is that customers have been exposed to a wide range of landscape design ideas that are available today. The range of products used in commercial and residential landscape design are staggering. In the 1980’s, very few people had […]


Expert masonry utilized on any project is a great way to make a project stand out. Lyon Landscape Nursery has a crew of masons that take pride in their stone craftsmanship. We use a variety of tools and methods to bring about the results you expect as a discerning customer. We use many different types […]

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems have played a huge role in the landscape design and landscape construction industry since the early 1990’s. Inexpensive components and newer machinery to install sprinkler systems have made it possible for every homeowner to enjoy a beautiful lawn. At Lyon Landscape Nursery, we use quality proven products such as Hunter, Toro, Rainbird, and […]


The number one desire of almost every homeowner is to have a beautiful lawn that they can appreciate whenever they drive in the driveway or entertain family and friends. A nice lawn is also a great way to improve the property values on the street and assist in selling a home quickly. Let’s face it, […]

Outdoor Lighting

There are (3) types of outdoor lighting that is used in landscape design and landscape construction. These include line voltage which uses regular household current, low voltage lighting which uses a transformer to reduce the line voltage, allows the use of low voltage bulbs that use less energy, wire that is easier to install, and […]