Hardscape and Masonry

Your partner in professional hardscape and masonry services.

From brick landscaping to retainer walls and functional patios, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. can provide all of your hardscape and masonry needs. We provide design and construction services for brick pavers, decorative concrete, natural stone retaining walls, real brick patios, and more.

Take Advantage of Your Outdoor Environment with Patio Design and Construction Services

There are few things that can add as much enjoyment to your outdoor environment as a beautiful, functional, and well constructed patio. Our patio design and construction expert can help you achieve a comfortable outdoor living space that not only adds value to your property, but can act as a great gathering space for your friends and family. Whether you want a brick patio, a decorative concrete design, or anything in between, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. is Norfolk County’s leading choice for improving your landscape.

Add Flavor to Your Landscape with Brick, Concrete, or Paver Walkways

Properly designed and installed walks will provide a lifetime of trouble free service.

Key components of quality walks include:


When laying out a walk or patio it is crucial to ensure there is enough pitch for proper drainage. We never eyeball a grade because your eye can deceive you. A surveyor’s transit is the only way to guarantee proper drainage.


At Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc., the days of installation with a pile of stone dust and a mason’s level are long gone. The strength of our brick walks, patios and driveways lies in our base design. We utilize dense grade base that is layered at a uniform depth and compacted every 2-3″. Dense grade base is used because it is very stable and compacts much tighter than stone dust. A thin layer of sand or washed stone dust is used to set the final grade.

Material Cutting

Complex patterns or free form designs require the use of high speed diamond wet saws to ensure a clean, smooth and uniform cut.

Take Your Property from Boring to Beautiful with Functional Walls & Steps

Properly designed stone walls, steps and piers can transform your property from boring to beautiful. A custom engraved plaque can personalize an entry or provide elegance to a gateway.

Key elements to building beautiful, lasting landscape masonry are:


Prevents settling that can cause cracks in brick steps or mortar joints and cause stone walls to collapse.


Use of a steel re-bar structure provides integrity to piers and walls and helps maintain straight lines and angles.


Precise mortar joints not only add to aesthetic appeal but also provide structural integrity. Use of “chinks” is kept to a minimum and all joints are recessed.


Outdoor lights added to a wall or pier add a unique effect to your property during the evening. Lighting is planned for during the construction so no wiring is visible.

For more information about our hardscape and masonry services, or to schedule your free in-home consultation, contact Lyon Landscape Nursery today. We service Franklin, Newton Wrentham, Holliston, Mendon, Upton, and throughout Norfolk County, MA.